Friday, October 11, 2013

Quilt Studio

Today I am in the middle of trying to get my long-arm quilting studio redesigned. My studio is in my garden basement that has one small window. It is a very long space with dimensions of about 20 feet by 12 feet long. So far, I took down the drop ceiling tiles and moved the shelving units out of the way. The electrician came by and put in the recess lighting (or can lights as they are sometimes called). My plan is to paint the ceiling rafters white and paint the dry walls a light green. The process has been slow. First, I can’t decide what kind of light bulbs to put in the can lighting, I really like the Ott lights because it seems they give off the least amount of shadow. I went to the hardware store and I was overwhelmed with the 500 different light bulbs available. I am still working on talking to a few more experts in the field of lighting. Second, my painter hasn’t called me back yet, so I don’t know when that will get done. Meanwhile, I have been looking for some fixtures for the room. When I am done I will show you some pictures. Until then, I am still open for business and getting many quilts done! "I can't wait until it is done and the space is transformed into a bright and clean studio!"


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